We Want To Be Your Entertainment Service

It's About You:  Your event is special to you, which makes your event special to us.  We work very hard to make your event as personable as possible by listening to YOU and catering to what YOU want in your event.  Your event should be perfect, and that's where we come in at!
Value:  Our goal is to offer a DJ service of higher quality.  We take your event to the next level, while staying within your budget. A saying that is often said "you get what you pay for" is often very true in the DJ industry.  A quality DJ service is an investment for your event and can often make it or break it.  We have all been to events where many of the guests are leaving early because of the poor entertainment service provided,  Don't let this happen to you.  We take a lot of pride in what we do, resulting in an amazing night for you and your guests.  The only complaints 'VibeHouse Sounds'  ever has is when the last song of the evening is announced, and the people don't want to stop dancing!  We are really known for getting the crowd going!
Personable:  All of our DJs and Emcees treat your event the way they would want their event to be treated. Everyone is very personable, fun, energetic, and professional.  Everyone has vast knowledge on equipment, music, keeping the party going, and most importantly, keeping it stress free for you!
Fun, Entertaining, and Intelligent:  Keeping the dance floor packed all night long is what we do best.  Knowing what to say, what to play, and when to play is very important, and we know this very well from experience.  From playing oldies to the newest of the new, we keep the dance floor packed and everyone having a great time.
Preperation:  Prior to each event, every aspect of your event is gone over and no stone is unturned.  Multiple hours are put into each event to make sure that everything is in order, music playlists are ready, and all equipment is functioning.  We do this for every event resulting in a great night for you and your guests.   Even though it seems like the DJ just shows up for the night, there is a lot of time put into the event behind the scenes.  Any DJ that does not offer this, will definitely have some unsattisfied customers.

Convenient:  With every event, at my customer's convenience, I like to have a sit down meeting with you.  We want to get to know you, your likes and dislikes, and go over the whole outline of the night.  Not only are we the DJ, but we are the Master Of Ceremonies.
Reliable:  VibeHouse Sounds is a company that you can rely on 100%.  We have back up equipment and DJs for every situation.
Insured:  VibeHouse Sounds is a fully insured business/LLC up to $2,000,000.    
Sound and Lighting:  A great sound system and light show can take any night from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!  With all else being said, this right here puts us in a league of our own.  Our sound systems and light set-ups are like no other, By far our largest investment when we show up.  You and your guests will be amazed at the difference between our equipment and equipment seen from previous mobile DJs in the past.  There is no comparison.  Not only do you see the difference, but you hear the difference.  We only use state of the art light and sound systems that are recognized as THE BEST in the DJ world.  Our equipment can always be found in high-end clubs and theaters throughout not only the country, but the world.  Martin Lighting, QSC Powered Speakers, Global Truss, Pioneer, Denon, Samsung, and more.  Whether your looking for a smaller intimate set-up for 40 people, or a large set-up for a big party of 1000 people, we have the perfect set-ups.  We are always willing to accomodate you, because one size does not fit all in the mobile DJ industry.  Either way, by booking us, you will never have to worry about what to expect  at your event, you are going to get the BEST!!!!  More about our amazing set-ups on the equipment page!